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along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. romney accused of president of diminishing american leadership during his first term. they discussed military spending, the middle east, china. and john harwood will join us with the highlights. among our newsmakers you can we have rob portman at 7:00. he's been playing the role of president obama in mitt romney's debate preparations. then coming up at 8:00, we have senator john kerry. he's been playing mitt romney in the president's debate prep sessions. of course earnings central is still in full swing. before the bell, we will hear from dupont, 3 m, united technologies, and many others. also a topic dominating discussions is the fiscal cliff. the annual meeting of the securities trade group is taking place in new york today. and the looming risk the u.s. economy is sure to be on the agenda of participants. we'll be joined by a few of those this morning. including gary gensler. chet heick will also be joining us. on the lighter side of thing, we'll have a rock star among us this morning. yeah, we mean this literally. not just the roc
romney. >> great editorial piece in the journal about how that came about. some senior official obviously said that a tempting october surprise. talks about not just in that instance, a movie about how to-to-cheat on your wife where you're this bed with a woman, your wife comes in, you just keep denying as the woman gets dressed, you get dressed, your wife keeps say whog is this woman, what are you doing, what woman? until she finally leaves and then five minutes later the wife just gives up and says what do you want for dinner tonight. but that's typical of what we've heard for the last 3 1/2 years. >> tonight is the big debate. it will be focused on foreign affairs. and they've already put out a list of the topics he wants to get to. so i don't know what new will happen tonight. they'll be sitting at a table. this might be more calm. they won't be walking around. also there was a new photo that's been released of fidel castro. seen holding up the photo of castro, he says he met with castro on saturday for five hours. rumorsed swirled over the health of the 86-year-old castro. in an arti
into it. >> a little surprising that the "times" it dispatch one of its reporters away from the romney investigation of his wealth to go over to china. they were able to spare him? probably a cadre working on romney. digging in to his garbage. >> david's invested a lot of his time. >> you ignore me. >> wise course. >> did you see victor pandit? >> you're trying to avoid this "wall street journal" editor kral. they channeled you. liberals confuse a pro-growth plea with a tax rate hike. this is the same discussion we had yesterday morning where we were talking semantics whether you call it a rise in tax revenues, lowering tax rates, higher effective tax rates. you were taking it immediately as a stamp of approval from the ceos to raise taxes, which is what they're talking about is a pro-growth plan. >> all the ceos can say we agree, but once you actually get down to the devil and the detail, it will be much more -- >> so you lost that argument yesterday. so today you booked larry summers, peter orszag, jared bernstein. i'm going to be -- >> you'll be just fine. >> no, i'm not. high bladd
money. everything's up for grabs again. romney's in maine. >> ohio is a big, big state. this is ground central for this whole campaign. >> yeah. >> you okay? you're beside yourself. >> i'm fine. >> you sure? >> i'm fine. >> you got a good-looking haircut. and there's more to life than a lot of this other stuff. you got your twins. >> you're right. they just whispered in my ear. i forgot lubrisol. >> he can't throw cornell in. >> but we should talk a lot about colorado, right? >> colorado. oh, my undergraduate school. they may turn that into a football club now i think instead of an actual -- that's what i would do. just try to compete. intramural maybe. >> okay, becky, we'll come back to you in just a moment. right now it's time for the global markets report. we're going to go across the pond where ross westgate is standing by in london to give us an update on what's going on over there. a little bit of a setup to what might happen here in the markets after a couple of very rough days, ross. >> yeah, andrew. and falls yesterday for the european markets, ftse doing a little bit better.
not agreed to cut entitlements. romney campaign has not talked about higher taxes on -- >> obama's entire -- >> this walks you throughout middle of both. >> the 20 page thing that he wasn't going to release, that talks about nothing with entitlements. all talks about is raising taxes on the top 2%. we had bob shrum the other day once again with the talking points about back in the '90s -- >> i'm not trying to conflate it with clinton. all i'm suggesting is the average effective tax rate goes up, so i find it odd when everybody walks up and says we want to lower tax rate, raise revenue. and get rid 6 all tof all the - >> because they don't get in trouble with grove ar norquist >> one other element whether they're thinking about this as a supply side thing. >> when you don't get in to the details, you avoid all the arguments. but they are trying to find common ground in the middle and they dough do go with simpson- plan. >> it's lowering marginal rates. i can't say it more clearly. marginal rates. if you want to factor in all the deductions -- >> ultimately this is all going to be a fight
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5